Top Management


The Eagle Air team has a total experience in aviation of over 80 years. Made up of seasoned professionals, members of the team span from experienced Pilots and Aircraft engineers as well as well- trained Aviation managers.


                                                                                                                        Ben OBUDU

                                                                                                                                  Dr. Ben Yadel-Obudu  CEO

Has vast experience in airline start- ups  and has been an advocate of Afro-Caribbean cooperation having done charters between the two lands in 2008. An astute manager, he’s well- traveled and has 25 years of aviation related experience. He has his specialist training in Aviation Management and Airline Operations.


ANDERS I. B. NIELSEN, Director of Operations

50 years in aviation, covering everything from the bottom up to and including general management. Pilot, engineer, EASA/JAR-145 Maintenance Organization experience and has worked with several of the world’s CAA’s. Anders is well experienced in marketing and budgeting and has a strong knowledge of the aviation business He has well developed management skills and strong interpersonal communication skills in a multicultural environment as a result of his education, training and experience.

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                                                                                                              AUSTIN OJOGWU, General Manager.

Engineer and Executive IT Professional Manager, Austin is passionate about Global Finance and Capital Development ventures. He is versatile in the management of industrial scale projects and is experienced in Petroleum and Natural Resources Mgt. and Development.